Supporting Your Health at The Yoga Sanctuary of Belleville

Greetings Yoga Sanctuary Family!

Our nation and the world continue to grapple with the coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to reassure you that your physical and mental health and well-being remain our number one priority.  This is obviously a very fluid situation with new reports and guidance emerging almost daily.  With this in mind, we are also committed to keeping our lines of communication open with you as to how this all may impact the services we offer at Yoga Sanctuary.

As things stand today, we plan on keeping our doors open for those of you that wish to continue your yoga and tai chi practices.  This decision is based on the most recent federal guidance that recommends any type of gathering that involves more than 10 people be cancelled. Many of these stricter guidelines are directed towards the “hot spots”, where community spread has been occuring; not the case for our community.  Our largest classes at Yoga Sanctuary rarely hit the 10 people mark, making it much easier to aggressively manage and implement all preventative procedures and precautions that have been published.  One of these precautions is maintaining a safe social distance of 6 feet.  Coincidentally, most yoga mats are about 6 feet long, providing a built-in means to create this safe social distance during any of our classes.  This social distancing will also keep our class sizes to 10 or less.

We realize that some of you may choose to pause your practices during this time.  We fully support these decisions, as well, and will work with you to extend the expiration dates on your class packages, accordingly.  We have emphasized to our instructors that they be highly aware of any signs or symptoms they may experience and we ask the same of you.  If any kind of health issues arise for any of us during this time, we should err on the safe side by eliminating our contact with others.  Again, we will gladly work with you for class package extensions as needed in these cases.

It is very possible that we will see a change in your needs over the next few weeks, dictating temporary changes to our class schedule.  We will publicize any such changes as soon as possible.  You can continue a practice at-home using the videos posted are the website , click on Schedule page.  Videos are listed at top of the page.  We will continue to add content/videos.  Check the website regularly for new videos.

We will also be working with a revised class schedule.  EFFECTIVE today, March 17, 2020.  It is very important to check our Schedule before coming to the studio.  We will also post the DAILY schedule on our Facebook page.  

We appreciate all of you and know we can get through this together.

 SAUCHA (Niyama)
purity, cleanliness and clearness