T’ai Chi

The calm, relaxing feeling T’ai Chi creates is great stress relief. But it’s really about balancing mind and body to restore your body’s systems to an optimal level of performance. T’ai Chi teaches us to maintain balance in all physical activities, such as standing, lifting, pushing, walking, and running. It trains you to bring your mind and body together so you’re aware of your posture, and movement. The benefits of this practice follow in everything you do.

Are you looking for some balance in your life? Do you feel like your mind never has time to rest? Do you have limited time to exercise and does the satisfaction of working out disappear once you leave the gym?

Whether you are looking to begin a T’ai Chi practice or have some experience and want to continue your practice, we have options for you. Please check out our schedule to find an option right for you.

T’ai chi is a beautiful and graceful art form. There is also great power that comes from relaxing and aligning the body with gravity. T’ai chi is described as “stillness in motion” and as a “moving meditation”.

Tai’ Chi Instructor, Gary Brandt

My interest in T’ai Chi started 15 years ago when I learned how good it was for the body and mind and that it connects us with a more natural state of being. In this time I have studied with several different teachers and have learned several different forms. Seven years ago I was asked by my teacher to fill in for him and found that I enjoyed working with people and helping them find harmony of body and mind. I continue to study and see myself developing this art through the rest of my life.

If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.